Residential buildings with low building costs

Our focus this autumn is on residential multi-storey buildings in Lund and Malmö.

As a result of careful planning and thorough project management throughout the whole construction period, we achieve considerably lower building costs as well as buildings with very low energy consumption and durable, sustainable construction solutions.

Diffussion open passive house

GBA is cooperating with two European companies and three universities to develop a sustainable and extremely energy-efficient envelope for all types of buildings using a woodwool composite. The material is diffussion open (can "breathe"), is energy storing and is resistant to mould and rot, fire and insects.

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Architecture & Design
Construction- & Project Management


Architecture & Design, detailed planning and adaption to the local environment

Low-energy Buildings - Passive Houses

A Healthy Indoor Climate in diffusion open structures that "breathe"

Good Quality is guaranteed by our active participation throughout the whole implementation phase